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After a slew of live touring through the farming towns of the south west to support the physical release of Collecting Cars in late 2012, Chris's hard work on the road and response to the album has earned him a finalist nomination in the 2013 Western Australian Male Country Music Artist of the Year.

The nomination sees Chris invited to perform at the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival in February, where the winners of the 2013 awards will be announced.

Chris says the nomination is both flattering and pleasing. "I'm well aware I'm a bit of square peg when it comes to what people want to call country music. But I figure I live in country Western Australia, write songs about country Western Australia and do pretty much all of my live work in country Western Australia, so this is some nice recognition even if this is as far as it goes".

The timely nomination coincides with Collecting Cars and much of Chris's recorded back catalogue being due for digital distribution throughout 2013 to precede the long awaited possibility of a New Zealand tour mid year.

In the meantime Chris is looking forward to heading back out on the road a few more times this summer.


2012: Collecting Cars
2005: Somewhere South of Somewhere
2003: The Hut Chapter
2001: Five Stories...Ten People...

Chris Edmondson

Specialising in what could best be described as "conversational" styled performances, the strength of this songwriter's show comes as a result of his ability to engage in banter, waffle intelligently, tell the odd story or eight, attempt to make folks laugh and cry with a self effacing wit often so dry that the tumbleweeds only blow across the stage in search of a drink, all the while exploring anything from anywhere that could be described as a story song and often beating his trusty old guitar, to make up for any lack of band, or lack of technology loosely masquerading as a band, then caressing the instrument with something more gentle on the off chance there are other guitars in the audience offended by its treatment.

Clocking up dozens of solo shows a year in a working territory that would swallow up several small warring European nations, Chris has worked the wineries, wheat-bars, festivals, folk clubs and house concerts pretty much all over the bottom left-hand corner of the continent for more than a decade. In that time there's also been reputation building marathon three and four hour shows, band stints in legendary LA clubs on desperate last ditch international tours, self-financed American cafe tours all the way back to self-promoted shearing shed concerts in country Western Australia driven only by an acoustic guitar and tales to tell.

In the meantime, go see him. He's quite good.